Peter Dittiger – Resource Teacher

I’m a second generation Tucsonan.  My paternal grandfather moved here from New Jersey because he had bad asthma and was prescribed “dry air.”  My maternal grandfather ended up in Tucson because he was enlisted in the air force and retired at Davis-Monthan.  Both sets of grandparents built houses across from each other, and that’s how my parents met. My dad literally married the girl next door.  Actually it was the girl across the street but I digress. I come from a big family and my roots are here in Tucson. I decided to stay here for college and graduated from the University of Arizona in 2007.

My path to teaching wasn’t a traditional one but I’m glad it led me here.  This will be my 5th year teaching and I have enjoyed learning my craft.  Prior to teaching in special education, I worked as a social worker, coach, and PE teacher.  Each job has given me an extra set of tools that I use everyday when working with our students.  Each day brings a new challenge but I am fully supported by my Sycamore family.

This past school year started off with the birth of my daughter.  She is a happy baby and each day is filled with joy. I love spending time with her and my wife.   We enjoy going on adventures and making memories. I also enjoy playing and coaching sports.

I am looking forward to my second year at Sycamore and building positive relationships with the students and their families.