Ms. Kayla Wright

I am proud to say that Sycamore was my home before I accepted a 3rd, and now 5th-grade teaching position. I was born and raised in Tucson, specifically Vail, and enjoy hiking and spending time with my niece, Hayden. My students will hear many stories about my melodramatic pets and fiancé.

I like to claim that I have been with Sycamore from its first day as a school, as I attended 4th and 5th grade here (my 5th grade classroom is the one I now teach in!). I loved it here when I was a student and that love continues as a teacher. I continually strive to maintain and foster a sense of community and love for education that I felt as a student. I believe that an environment where students feel respected, appreciate the power of knowledge and know they have a voice is one where they will thrive.

I only made it through half of my freshman year at the University of Arizona when the realization of wanting to be a teacher hit me. I had always loved school and knew that if I could have the impact on my students that my teachers had on me, I could live a happy life. My decision to teach has been confirmed as the correct one numerous times, a few being when I entered the Elementary Education Program at the U of A, student teaching here at Sycamore and having my own classroom full of students. I am honored to be teaching 5th grade here at Sycamore and look forward to all of the memories that I will make.