Mr. D. Olsen Hancock

Greetings from Sycamore 4th grade. I am happy to report that I’ve made it through my fifth year at Sycamore and love the culture and family environment this school provides not only for myself, but it’s students as well. I have 1 daughter named Chloe who is 11 years old and onto Corona Foothills Middle school and 6th grade. To be honest, she is my true motivation to get involved locally with her school, and I’m grateful for the chance/opportunity to further our community and students through education and engaged learning. (I’m not ready, but then again that’s part of being a parent.)

Growing up my father was in the military and I grew up between Enid, Oklahoma until the 3rd grade, when we finally moved to Layton, Utah where I grew up and graduated from Layton High School. Transitioning schools so early in my life lead me to value and appreciate all of the hard work and effort teachers have on students transitioning from school to school.

I graduated from Utah State University and moved to Tucson in December of 1997. We have lived in Corona de Tucson since February of 2011 and simply love the sense of community and safety in this area. I started off working for American Airlines in their call center and then moved onto Sears Holding Corporation until I opted to finally pursue teaching. All along, I’ve always had the calling to teach and finally pursued my post Bachelors degree through Pima Community College.

I have an open door policy when it comes to teaching and would actively encourage parent participation and involvement any time it’s convenient for you. I welcome the feedback and participation in the classroom and so will your students. I do believe that students respond to structure and discipline and run a relatively tight ship, yet my students always walk away knowing that I am an additional advocate for reading, writing, mathematics, science, history, science and art to support their love of learning going forward. I look forward to having a great year with your student and I’m excited to be teaching in my local community. Cheers.