Mrs. Chris Miller

I am Chris Miller and I am so thrilled to be teaching 1st grade again this year! As a Tucson native, I attended the U of A in the 90’s where I received a degree in High School Education (Literature/Drama). After checking out the high school scene, I decided that what I really wanted to do was to teach “the littles” at the elementary level. Several years and a few kids later, those dreams became a reality when my kids and I showed up at Sycamore! We loved Sycamore immediately and I have been here in some capacity ever since…14 years and counting! Both of my kids attended K-5 here at Sycamore and are now successful high school and college students. Sycamore has been a huge part of our family’s memories and I truly believe the foundation for their academic success.
During my years at Sycamore, my educational philosophy has remained the same. I really love to teach children academics in a fun, low stress environment. I want to share with them my passion for learning new things, asking questions, learning from mistakes, confidence building, and adding humor into everyday life experiences. I achieve this in the classroom as well as in my K-5 Drama Club where I also get to share my love for theater and literature with these awesome young people! I love teaching kiddos new things and giving them new experiences to help them to grow into the awesome grown-ups that they will become someday.
I want my students to come to school each day excited to learn some cool new thing, and wondering what Mrs. Miller will do to make them laugh! I want kids to leave my classroom understanding that what we learned in 1st grade, gives them the tools to learn BIGGER things in the future. Classroom discussions, songs, skits, and story-telling take place in a safe, nurturing learning environment that helps students to develop a love of learning and a sense of confidence that they can take with them as they grow.