Andrew Gugliotta – Music Teacher

I grew up on Long Island, New York and attended the University of Rhode Island, from which I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education in 2012. Having grown up on the water, I love swimming, fishing, boating, and being at the beach. In 2015, I moved to Arizona to obtain more teaching experience and to be closer to my girlfriend while she attended nursing school. Since moving here, I’ve come to love and appreciate Arizona and the desert. I love the mild winters, the beautiful scenery, hiking local trails, playing golf all year long, and camping in the mountains.

I have been actively involved with music since I was nine years old playing the trumpet in the elementary school band. It was my high school music teacher’s influence that led me to pursue a career in music education. While attending the University of Rhode Island, I discovered the joy in working with elementary school students through my internship experiences. After graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in 2012, I actively worked in the public school systems of Rhode Island and New York, taught private music lessons, and performed as a trumpeter, guitarist, and singer. In 2018, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.

While demonstrating fluency in the core curriculum of music, I offer to provide your children with a fun and nurturing learning environment that incorporates multicultural lessons, hands-on activities and a wide range of task-oriented assessments. Music is the driving force behind my enthusiasm, and the foundation of my character. As an active performer, I continually strive to learn and develop through musical practice. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than activating students’ musical understanding and appreciation, while enabling them to experience such enjoyment and gratification.