Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (P.B.I.S.)

Sycamore Elementary School implemented School-wide Positive BehaviorSupports (PBS) several years ago.  PBS is a proven system of reducing problem behaviors in the classrooms and throughout the school.  A PBS Plan has been developed specifically for Sycamore and its students and staff.  Included in this article are the main parts of our PBS Plan, how it will affect your students, and how parents and family members can help to support Sycamore’s efforts to make our school a safer, and more productive place in which our students can learn and grow.

The Purpose of PBS: Schools are moving toward school-wide behavior systems that address the entire school, the classroom, areas outside the classroom, hallways, restrooms, playgrounds. They also address the individual student with challenging behavior.  These systems define school rules and expectations, provide training about the rules, and offer feedback through rewards and corrections.  Parents will see these expectations posted throughout the school in different areas.

Plan Components
Parent/Family Responsibilities
Behavior Matrix
  • To standardize expected student behaviors throughout the school
  • To ensure that all students and staff have experienced and/or practiced the behaviors and rules that are expected throughout the school
  • Know the three Sycamore school-wide behavior expectations:

    re respectful and trustworthy
    Care about each other

    Take responsibility


  • Become familiar with the specific rules and behaviors that are expected of your child
Acknowledging Expected Behaviors/Following of the Rules
  • To have all staff positively reinforce and recognize when students demonstrate the desired behaviors and/or follow the rules
  • Know the school’s “reward” system, give praise and encouragement when your student receives “Caught in the ACT” Cards
  • Support/attend any recognition or celebration-type function that focuses on these positive behaviors
Discipline and Consequence System
  • To intervene and correct problem behaviors immediately, using a positive method which re-teaches the positive or expected behaviors
  • To have all rules fairly and consistently enforced through the entire school, by all staff, all of the time, with all students
  • Support PBS in the home by discussing rules and expected behaviors, both at home and in school, with your students
  • Respond quickly to contacts or requests from the school when asked to partner with school staff to address your child’s behaviors